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IP Trend Eurasia offers a wide range of services related to obtaining legal protection for your inventions (utility models) in various fields of technology and science. Our professionals will guide you through all necessary stages of prosecution of your application from filing to grant of the patent, as well as ensure maintenance of validity thereof. We follow individual, thoughtful and flexible approach with each and every of our clients.

Our team includes the specialists qualified in chemistry, biology, pharmaceutics, software, mechanical engineering, electronics, telecommunications and other fields, and has an extensive experience in assisting clients in filing and prosecution of patent applications.

The procedure of obtaining a patent for an invention takes from 2 to 4 years depending on the country of prosecution, workload of the Patent Office, number of Office Actions issued etc. We do our best to ensure obtaining the protection documents in the most efficient and cost-effective way, at the same time preserving the maximum possible scope of protection.

Patent for an invention is granted if the claimed invention meets the following requirements of patentability:

Novelty – the invention must not be known from the state of the art;

Inventive step – the invention must not clearly follow from the state of the art for a person skilled in the art;

Industrial applicability – the invention must be useful in any area of industry.

The term for entering the national/regional phase of a PCT application in UKRAINE, RUSSIA (activity suspended due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine), KAZAKHSTAN, GEORGIA, UZBEKISTAN and in the EURASIAN PATENT OFFICE is 31 months from the priority date. The term for filing a conventional patent application is 12 months from the priority date.

We will be pleased to provide you with an exact cost-estimate and more details on the national/regional phase entry of your PCT application or filing a new application in any of our jurisdictions or internationally upon your request.

If you are looking for a quality, timely and cost-effective IP assistance, please feel free to contact us.